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recency capping
A way to limit the showing of an ad over time. For example an advertiser might want to avoid showing an ad to a specific user ID more than once per hour.
real-time bidding (RTB)
Bidding that happens via automated auctions on online ad inventory in real time. A real-time bid is often dynamically generated based on past performance of creatives inventory user groups and other parameters. Real-time bidding also implies multiple bidding systems or exchanges making calls to each other in real time.
real-time auction
See real-time bidding.
real-time advertising
In real-time advertising ads are shown as the result of real-time bidding auctions.
The number of unique user IDs that can be reached by online advertising. You might broaden your reach by targeting new inventory or evaluate the reach inherent in some set of user data such as 'male clothes shoppers.'
query string

A way to pass data to a web application as part of a URL. The query string comes after a '?' in the URL for example:

publisher click-tracking
When a publisher keeps track of clicks on their ads. If a publisher is being paid on a CPC basis and wants to track clicks they can provide click-tracking URL where it is possible to ping them each time a user clicks on an ad.
A source of inventory. Publishers are generally either managed or owned and operated. An owned and operated publisher receives 100% of the profit for impressions sold. This is opposed to a managed publisher: a publisher that does not own its inventory but has a financial relationship with those who do.
Public service announcement. On many ad serving platforms a PSA will serve if there are no acceptable bids on a piece of inventory and the publisher does not have a default creative set.
Programmatic TV (PTV)

Programmatic TV (PTV) is a technology that enables brands and agencies to buy TV ads programmatically - using software.

programmatic buying
Buying through automated means for example by setting up a campaign in an RTB exchange or other automated system. This is opposed to more manual buys where you are in contact with a sales team or other 'offline' mechanism.
private auction

An auction within an auction for select whitelisted buyers who are given first-look at the inventory before it’s made available to the open marketplace. Inventory is not sold at a fixed price.


Automated Guaranteed sales have the highest priority within programmatic transactions equal to direct sales. Typically Unreserved Fixed Rate deals sit above the auction though can also sit within or below the auction. Most publishers place their Invitation-Only Auction above the Open Auction in priority though some don't participate in the Open Auction at all. Publishers can also give certain buyers priority in access to inventory (often called “first look”).

premnant inventory
A portmanteau word of premium + remnant. 'remnant inventory
premium inventory
The term 'premium' can be used in different ways but it most commonly refers to publisher inventory that is sold through direct channels in advance – in other words guaranteed inventory. Often premium inventory is from a site's home page or has some other elevated level of desirability. See also remnant inventory.