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see Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP

moment based marketing

Moment marketing refers to creating relevant and consistent connections between offline and online media in real time. The key to really “being there” when a customer reacts to a TV ad sports event or even a change in the weather is the ability to link offline media with search intent. When customers reach for their smartphones or laptops to make a search triggered by a key brand moment it is imperative for your brand to be present with the correct messaging in that exact instant. See also: Weather sync TV In-sync Geo-fencing

mobile mediation
Mobile mediation typically involves server-to-server requests via two systems to determine if the buyer has an ad or embedding an ad network’s SDK within your SDK to make calls to the buyer’s ad server.
mobile device ID
A unique identifier for a mobile device. The device ID cannot be linked to personally identifiable information (PII). Different operating systems use different identifiers: IDFA (iOS) AAID (Android) and Windows Advertising ID (Windows).
Mid funnel

We use the funnel to identify user engagement and intent. Those in the mid funnel are inactive less engaged users who have not visited the advertiser's site for more than 30 days.

Metadata is data about data. Metadata can be used to do things like label creatives or ad inventory with information like brand size and other constraints or data.

The process of sending bid requests to ad buyers outside of the ad exchange via a client or server side redirection with passbacks in case the buyer doesn’t fill the impression. Mediation enables access to additional ad networks to maximize fill rates. There are two main categories of mediation: web mediation and mobile mediation.

mediated ad network
An ad network that sits outside of RTB auctions for online inventory but participates in auctions alongside real-time bidders and direct advertisers by setting up proxy “bids” that represent that network’s demand.
media plan
A holistic view of a given advertiser's media buys. Often managed by a media agency.
media buying service

Agency that specializes in the services of media buying.


Platforms and tools used by marketing and sales organizations to manage and nurture leads manage opportunities and customer contacts and funnel analytics and attribution

Generally a large advertiser that manages at least some of its own digital advertising. Also called a direct marketer.

See HTTP Live Streaming

Lower funnel

We use the funnel to identify user engagement and intent. Those in the lower funnel are active engaged users who have visited the advertiser's site within the last 30 days.

lookback window
An amount of time taken into account when collecting data to be used for attributing conversions a bid optimization model or anything else. Common lookback windows are a day 14 days 30 days etc.