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The number of unique user IDs that can be reached by online advertising. You might broaden your reach by targeting new inventory or evaluate the reach inherent in some set of user data such as 'male clothes shoppers.'
real-time advertising
In real-time advertising ads are shown as the result of real-time bidding auctions.
real-time auction
See real-time bidding.
real-time bidding (RTB)
Bidding that happens via automated auctions on online ad inventory in real time. A real-time bid is often dynamically generated based on past performance of creatives inventory user groups and other parameters. Real-time bidding also implies multiple bidding systems or exchanges making calls to each other in real time.
recency capping
A way to limit the showing of an ad over time. For example an advertiser might want to avoid showing an ad to a specific user ID more than once per hour.

Dynamic creative drives incremental value and sales by displaying recommended products in banners that a user didn’t see while on the site. These recommendations are created using a correlation of all user behaviour to create intelligent product links.

recommendation widgets

The IAB defines this type of native advertising as an ad or paid content link delivered with a “widget.” Many recommendation widgets will title their ads “You might like” or “From around the web” and link to another site. The widget doesn’t mirror the editorial content of the site so it is not sold with a guaranteed placement. However it is integrated into the page. Measurement is based on brand engagement like interaction and brand lift rather than direct response metrics such as purchase.


See retargeting.

remnant inventory
Inventory sold after premium inventory has been pre-sold by a direct salesforce. Remnant inventory is sometimes synonymous with real-time inventory and is often the target of programmatic buying. Because remnant has an unnecessarily negative connotation other terms that have been experimented with are 'premnant' (premium + remnant} or 'secondary premium.' Also sometimes called 'tier 2' or 'class 2.'
remote snapshot

This is a way for you to watch a live preview of what your signage currently has on display. This handy feature helps make signage management easy.

In ad tech reporting data for both buyers and sellers such as much money spent impressions seen impressions sold and revenue earned. Because automated programs can be used to track spending impressions and earnings online advertising has helped buyers to understand the value of their marketing budgets in new ways.
In general the term 'request' can refer to any attempt by one's browser to retrieve a page including page elements such as ads from a server on the Internet. In ad tech it usually applies to a request for a creative or ad tag.
reserve creative
See default creative.
reserve price
The lowest price at which a bidder or member will sell an impression.
Representational State Transfer. A type of API protocol that operates on POST GET PUT and DELETE commands.