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The redirecting of an impression back to an ad server when no acceptable bid is received from a mediated bid in order to allow the next highest bidder a chance to win the impression. See also default tag.
personally identifiable information (PII)
Information that can be tied to an actual named person rather than an anonymous user ID. For example names social security numbers residential addresses and driver's license numbers would be considered PII. Many jurisdictions worldwide have explicit policies banning the use and tracking of PII in online advertising and numerous ad traffickers do as well.
This term usually refers specifically to a piggybacked pixel. When pixel A has pixel B piggybacked on to it then the firing of pixel A causes the firing of pixel B. This second firing can either be via a redirect or a server-side firing. Piggyback pixels may be used for tracking conversions in secondary systems.
See personally identifiable information.
A pixel is a way to track user data. Originally all pixels were literally snippets of code that called for a 1X1 transparent pixel to be delivered to a webpage by a third-party server. Nowadays pixels may either be literal pixels or be javascript based. When the pixel loads the third-party server can record information such as the IP address of the user's computer URL of the page and time the page was viewed. See also conversion pixel and segment pixel.
A term describing the object that represents a piece of inventory. Publishers embed placements into web pages' ad tags. This same object may also be called an ad tag or an ad unit but this is slighting inaccurate as placements contain tags and represent units of available ad space.

A collection of non-programming content whether commercials billboards PSAs etc. that are inserted as a block of seconds or minutes before during or after a program.

Pod Position

The position of an individual advertisement (or other non-program content) within a commercial pod. Individual Pod positions will be defined by the content provider.

pop ad
An ad that displays in a secondary browser window. Pop-up ads display in front of the initial browser window while pop-under ads display behind it.
An ad that displays in a secondary browser window directly behind the initial browser window. See also pop-up .
An ad that displays in a secondary browser window directly in front of the initial browser window. See also pop-under.
Profit per thousand or mille impressions ( mille = thousand in Latin). A useful measurement for ad networks whose goal is to buy cheaper inventory and sell it at higher prices.

Prebid is a free open source library and community that helps publishers implement Header Bidding on their websites & apps.


Header Bidding (also known as header auctions parallel bidding or header bidding) is a technique that involves running SSP & Ad Exchange code directly on page so publishers can receive bids on their inventory that may be unavailable through their primary ad server and exchange.


The returned bids are then passed into the ad server so they can compete with direct demand and the primary ad server’s exchange on a level playing field.

preferred deal

Similar to a private auction but one buyer has priority access to the inventory which is offered to that buyer at a fixed pre-negotiated price before it goes to an open auction. Volume however is not guaranteed.

Premium content

Professionally produced video content distributed through established channels.