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ID synching
See user ID mapping.
An HTML iframe tag tells the browser to open a mini browser window of a specified size inside the current window. This way the ad content cannot expand beyond the size specified and 'take over' the screen.
A creative served to a single user at a single point in time. Sometimes called an 'imp'.
in-banner video
In-banner video is a type of creative played in a standard banner rather than in a video player. Any banner placement may accommodate an in-banner video creative if allowed by the publisher.
in-stream video
In-stream video is a type of creative played in video players on Web pages. This creative type uses VAST XML to ensure proper rendering in players and are shown before in the middle of or after other video content.
Also called a virtual machine virtual operating system or virtual server an instance is an individual guest operating system that runs on top of a virtualization layer on top of a physical server. Instances are the building blocks of cloud computing.
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
An online ad industry association focused on the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace whose stated goal is to educate 'marketers agencies media companies and the wider business community about the value of interactive advertising'. Read more at the IAB's website.
interstitial ad
An ad that displays as a user navigates from one web page to the next. The ad fills the browser window after the user leaves the initial page but before the target page displays on the user’s screen.
Open digital spaces in which ads can be served and displayed. Publishers sell ad inventory.
invitation-only auction

Type of inventory:Unreserved


Participation: One-Few


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