Price floors are another business rule that significantly influences performance. Typically, exchanges enable publishers to set floors based on geography, ad unit, and other inventory types. If a publisher simply wants a high fill rate they will usually go with a low price floor. If they want a high CPM they’ll go with a high price floor. The trick is to find the sweet spot so your publisher can maximize their revenue.

Adjust prices on the fly in response to changing market conditions. See what’s driving demand and the optimal price to charge—don’t sell too low and leave money on the table. Get automated recommendations to maximize revenue.

Automatic floor price OPTIMIZER helps publishers maximize revenue in real-time by:

  • Defining and controlling optimization strategy
  • Generating a set of optimal pricing rules and writing them at scale
  • Balancing pricing to maximize liquidity and revenue



  • Revenue lift: Achieve consistent revenue lift via pricing that matches the market and is effortless to implement 
  • Fully automated data updates: Our Price application is fully automated, end-to-end. For example, it automatically reflects changes in such things as demand and other factors to keep your information accurate and up-to-the-minute. 
  • Make changes in real-time: Pricing recommendations are continually updated so that you can make changes as needed in real-time. 
  • Put price changes on autopilot: This system can automatically implement pricing changes to protect and optimize revenue. 
  • See the pricing picture clearly: Price change recommendations and potential revenue implications are displayed clearly via attractive and customized dashboards. 
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities: This level of sophisticated pricing analysis also helps your company identify entirely new revenue opportunities from the same set of products or services. 
  • Schedule customized alerts: Price lets you create custom alerts so you can stay on top of the things that matter most to you, on your own schedule. 
  • Integrate easily with other systems: Easy to integrate with existing pricing platforms you may already have.