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The programmatic model as a purchase is primarily associated with display advertising. But the benefits, mainly due to automation (reducing the cost and shortening the purchasing time) are not necessarily limited to this channel of communication.  In contrast, very rarely we talk about Programmatic in the context of e-mailing. And yet purchase automation allows advertisers to precisely target and owners to monetize the user base. 

So we developed a trading platform for the sale and purchase of ads in newsletters. On the one hand, advertisers want to reach a specific target, with the well-defined ads, on the other hand, are publishers who want to earn more.

Email addresses are perhaps best-described sets of information about a particular user, as they are in most cases declarative. 

So far, the advertiser booked on a particular day shipping emailings at a certain time. Of course, only in theory, because it is when the mailing is downloaded from the server by the user depends on the frequency of use of mail end user. Preferably, the platform requires setting up of one-shots mailing, on the long-term activities, focused rather on a steady supply of traffic to your landing page one-clogging servers, which often can not withstand such intensity.

This entails another change, ie the way of working with the mailing. The platform is fully automated and means that all transactions are concluded using the platform, without having to contact the publisher, negotiate rates, sending orders. Everything is done within the platform. This makes the handling of mailing can be moved to action performance-these, as a key issue that results in high performance is to optimize the campaign. Publishers and advertisers have at their disposal statistics and reports that enable performance tracking and real-time optimization.

Advertisers get access to the tools that will allow them to look at email marketing in a whole new way.



  • 100% Cross-Device Solution
  • Integrated with all main CRMs, email ESPs (MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, MailerLite,...)
  • Reach your customers across every device, screen, and browser that they use.